Some Important EU changes, due to Brexit- Read this

Now we are leaving the EU under a new set of rules, there are some changes that those sailing to foreign shores should be aware of. Obviously this will not happen until the Coronavirus situation is sorted, but sailors need to be aware to avoid some unexpected fines issued by over zealous customs officers.

I have begun to compile items that I believe may be of use to travellers to nearer foreign shores & these are on this website:-

Brexit info


Not all food is accepted in the EU without prior certification so be aware when travelling with imported foodstuffs

Member’s Musings

Some of our members have constructed blogs of their cruises & taken short videos or taken pictures that they would like to share with others. We would like to invite them all to post links to their sites in the comments below, so that others can share with them. Unfortunately I have to adjudicate all entries first due to constant spam attacks, so please accept my apologies if your post does not appear immediately. I will do my best to update daily. Have fun & let you all enjoy your experiences.

Sam Longley



Owing to the current national emergency many of our current plans are on hold.
Accordingly, some of the pages on this website are no longer relevant. Ie. cruise & launching dates.
Once the situation becomes clear the information will be updated. However, I have decided that it will be obvious which items these are, so for now I have made no changes.
I will deal with the updates, as & when relevant.

As at 15 july we have started limited cruises, which will be advised to mooring holders by email as they arise

Thank you for your patience
Stay safe & well

Sam Longley



Cruise plans for 2021

Because of the Coronavirus problems, our cruise plans for 2020 were seriously disrupted. We did manage some cruises & these are reported

Cruising , historic 2020

So now we have to consider 2021. This is difficult as the government have made it clear that current restrictions can be expected to last at least until April 2021. Hopefully, we will be able to run some short cruises,  which have proved popular, Our hoped for Boulogne & Dutch cruises are clearly off the lists for this year. But all is not lost so scroll down for updates as they become available.

So that our Cruiser class captain can best have an idea of what owners prefer, we invite sensible suggestions- please add them to the “Reply” section below & I will adjudicate them for insertion ASAP once they have cleared the spam check