Mooring Setup

First, we assume that you have applied to the St Lawrence fairway Committee for a mooring & they have agreed. You have paid the rental for the year. You have met the harbour master& agreed roughly where your boat will be placed.

You now need to set up a set of mooring tackle. For this you will need a sinker. We do have a number of pre made sinkers which will suit most boats up to 30 feet if of light displacement or 27 feet if of heavier displacement. These can be purchased for up to £ 80-00 each. Some second hand ones for considerably less are sometimes available.

If your boat is too big for our standard sinkers then you need to make one. I will not go into this at this stage other than to say that we can help make this & concrete sinkers can be made on the sailing Club hard with a bit of effort. We have been doing this for years, so know how & we will guide you through the process. It will cost you less than £ 60-00 in material etc. to make one of up to 1 Tonne, which is normally big enough for most boats.

Once you have the sinker you need chain. Our chandler (that is me!!!) can help, or you can go to someone, like Dauntless, & purchase it.

We, typically, recommend 8 metres (variable depending on mooring depth) of 19 * 75 c30 or c40 chain attached to a 5 metre length of 25mm multiplait topped off with 1.5 metres of 16 * 100mm C30 chain to a 700mm diam solid buoy. The buoys that we use have a swiveling top ring, thus avoiding the need for swivels under the buoy. The multiplait will have either stainless steel or nylon thimbles each end (I can make these up for owners)

Shackles (all galvanized CE certified) would be 2 no 19 *22 at the bottom.  One each end of the multiplait & a 16 * 19 one to the buoy. We mouse shackles with cable ties.

On the buoy, we recommend a minimum of 2 mooring strops. Some owners use a mix of rope & chain. Some use just 2 ropes. One of the strops must have a pickup buoy. Because dinghies race in the area, strops are limited to 1.5 metres, where practical. Most owners use multiplait for the rope strops

If your boat is longer than 30 feet then it may be prudent to take chain all the way to the buoy. In this instance a larger buoy is needed.