St Lawrence Fairway Committee

If you wish to obtain a mooring on the St Lawrence Fairway you first need to obtain a site, which you rent from the St Lawrence Fairway Committee. They only rent sites & once you have obtained permission to rent a site & paid the rental fee, it is up to you to lay your own mooring. The Committee have approximately 84 sites, all deep water, of varying depths, in the area from St Lawrence Bay to a point East of Spar Drive, St Lawrence.

Fortunately, the mooring owners & the harbour master have worked together to make this as easy as possible. We have a chandler who will, if you wish, assist in supplying the mooring tackle & help you assemble the mooring. We then guide you through the process of laying the mooring ready to moor your boat.

The Fairway Committee does have minimum rules about how the mooring is made & how it is laid & rules to avoid it being placed in such a way that your vessel will cause damage to other craft. In addition, you are expected to have adequate insurance. The moorings are considered fair weather moorings and boats are normally placed on them soon after Easter & removed during October.

The Fairway Committee are independent of any other organization ( apart from the parish council, who hold the lease on their behalf) & granting of a mooring does not confer any rights to the site holder, other than the use of the site rented for the period of rent.

See  River Blackwater Moorings  for details of launching & recovery & how moorings are laid & serviced.

See under Cruising for some of the joint social events that some owners join in during the season.