Osea to Maldon

Maldon Harbour Guide

Many of our mooring holders will have enjoyed a lazy cruise past Osea, possibly all the way to Maldon, if time & tide permit. If not, why not give it a try?

We have been given permission to publish the following information from the Maldon Port Guide. The information published hereunder is copyright of Maldon Harbour Improvement Commissioners (MHIC) & is not intended for reproduction without express permission of MHIC.

Incidents in the Harbour, including collisions with buoys, should be reported to the MHIC, email clerk@mhic.org.uk; and in the Harbour and Estuary to the Maldon District Council River Bailiff, Telephone: 01621 875837, Mobile  07818 013723,  email river.bailiff@maldon.gov.uk.    For incidents within the Harbour, there is an Incident Report Form on the mhic.org.uk website, Navigation and Safety tab.  In addition, there is a sample Risk Assessment form.

The information is published on this website only as a general guide & mariners are advised to check all charts and notices to mariners, prior to navigating. Whilst the website administrators will do their utmost to keep the information up to date, mariners should refer direct to MHIC website : mhic.org.uk for more accurate information, as well as the usual notices to mariners.


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