Important Covid Update from Brightlingsea Harbour Commission

This also includes some harbour info

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Covid Update

Brightlingsea has always been a favourite on our cruise list for the smaller boats.

The cruise usually attracts at least a dozen crews. The sail to & from Brightlingsea is not too arduous & we do our best to arrange trips to suit tides from Stone. We are often joined by boats from Bradwell marina.

Unfortunately there has been the odd engine malfunction but there has always been someone on hand to offer a tow & no one has been left struggling for more than a few minutes. those not used to pontoon berthing will find many hands waiting to take lines & offer advice.

The evening  meals that we always manage to arrange  at one of the local hostelries leading to much merriment & social interaction.

A number of owners have asked if it is necessary to take their dinghy & the simple answer is “No”!. On arrival one will be directed to a pontoon but the harbour run an excellent water taxi service. The  details can be found on their website:-

If you wish, the following link goes straight to the water taxi service details:-

Below is a link to an interesting video on how to enter the creek which we think mooring holders will find very useful :-