Checking your passport

Regular air or ferry travelers, some will have already checked that their passport is up to date. However, since the start of 2021 rules have changed & as we have not begun traveling in earnest due to covid restrictions, some may have missed a few points.

It is , of course, essential that all yachtsmen have their passport with them when visiting foreign shores. I know from first hand experience the problems that can arise. I forgot mine back in 1975. Arriving in Ostend to be greeted by a somewhat irate official, waving a machine pistol under my nose did not go go down too well.

Rules such as health insurance, having at least 6 months remaining on the passport & not having an extended document, are all items that can catch out the unwary.

To help the following guidance is enclosed in the 2 links below:-

General Passport info

Gov’t date checker

Good cruising