Welcome to Cruising

It is not our intention that we should be an isolated collection of people with individual moorings. Through the medium of Stone Sailing Club, we have organised a group of like minded sailors who wish to socialise with other mooring owners.

Whilst there are clear benefits of being a member of a sailing club, it is not necessary if you wish to join in with our cruises in company. In fact, whilst most have yachts, we do not even restrict our cruises to sailors. Motorboats are just as welcome, if they rent moorings on the Fairway.

We have a class captain -Jeremy Sanderson- who will make himself known to all new mooring holders & in conjunction with our harbour master, will do his best to help those new to the moorings get established.

Already we have had short weekend cruises to West Mersea, Brightlingsea & the River Orwell. We have had longer ones lasting a full week to Ramsgate, Dover, Boulogne Le Treport & Dieppe & we have had trips to Ostend. Some of our mooring holders have cruised in company  as far as Dordrecht in the the Dutch canals.

So there has been plenty for sailors of all skills & are scheduled to allow for some with limits on time available

Please keep an eye on this website for Jeremy’s updates . Hopefully you will find that just meeting people you know on the beach, can be enjoyable. It also does a lot for confidence, when rowing ashore if the conditions are not so good, if you know that a friend is keeping an eye on you.

If you wish to contact Jeremy you can do so by emailing him via the contact form under “contacts”